[ uh · my · ah ] · adjective · Slang

Amyah is a variant of the name Amy, meaning “most loved”
...and is used to describe a female who is most loved for her rebellious, cheeky and unapologetic nature.

Amyah is a contemporary womenswear brand built around a minimal, refined wardrobe, but with a bit of a rebellious and edgy approach to design and style that ultimately reflects the ethos of the brand.

Each release builds on the previous with silhouettes that are relaxed, timeless, and easy to wear. Everything is meant to compliment what’s already existing in your wardrobe, creating a world of pieces that can be reinterpreted and restyled to express the individuality of the wearer.

Luxury fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship is of the utmost importance, resulting in products that can be cherished for years and stand the test of time.

Amyah was founded by Kaley Frost in 2023. She grew up in Colorado but currently lives in London with her husband Wilf, and son Miles.

Our Fabrics and Factories

We prioritize sourcing materials from regenerative, organic, renewable and recycled sources, and are committed to working with our makers to consciously source materials with low environmental impacts.


Our merino wool is responsibly sourced through two RWS accredited manufacturers with specialties in fine fibers and a commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Soft and fine with an almost cotton like feel and exceptional breathability, our merino wool is knit into superior quality fully fashioned knits by two family run factories just outside of Florence, Italy.


Our recycled cashmere is sourced through a 30 year old company based in Italy who specializes in natural, sustainable, luxury fibers, with an emphasis on silk and cashmere. Our recycled cashmere is luxuriously soft and fine with an almost silky like feel.


Soft and fine, for maximum lightness and distinguished by an exceptionally fluid, almost liquid-like drape. Our silk is woven and dyed by a mill in New York, who has specialized in the production of fine silk for over 40 years.


Derived from sustainable wood and pulp our eco viscose is soft and breathable, creating a balance of stretch and structure for sculpted silhouettes and slinky, fluid trousers and skirts. With a matte finish, this viscose is knit into ribbed and pleated silhouettes by a family run factory just outside of Florence, Italy.